Automated or Motorized Systems

Keeping up with the technological trends, we at Sammy Blinds & Shades are well equipped with fully/semi-automatic and motorized systems which will provide ease of use in blinds and shades. There is a factor of convenience in using automatic motorized systems in the case of blinds and shades.

Sometimes, there is a need to access the coverings of windows from far away, and here the technology saves your effort to go and manually change the state. With just one click of the button, you can open or close the blinds and shades. We have tools that you can manage while you are away from your home or inside the home but don’t want to go to the windows or you are preoccupied with something.

It is very good for new mothers who have their hands full with the child and need these kinds of convenient features.

Our systems are customized with keeping safety in the minds. The cordless features ensure that no electrical fault can occur thus saving you from that. If you have young ones and pets who have the risk of getting hurt with chains and cords – then going wireless comes in handy.  

Also, our systems are energy-efficient and will save you a great deal of money and also ensuring the duty towards the environment.

Other benefits of opting for automatic systems include space maximization, security, and the full aesthetic quality of a spacious home.

Feel free to contact our project managers to get more info about these automatic/motorized systems.