Cleaning of Blinds

Sammy Blinds & Shades provides you excellent blind and shades cleaning services that use highly advanced technology such as ultrasonic blind cleaning.

We use an ultrasonic tank, which emits ultrasonic sound waves creating millions of water bubbles. This high-speed water bubbles clean every surface of blinds panes and cords and headrails.

There are other ways too and depending on your budget and kind of blinds our team of cleaning services provides the best measure such as manual cleaning which is used in the case of vertical panes. If you want vacuum cleaning, we provide that too.

We have a team of professional cleaners who will ensure complete satisfaction in cleaning your blinds and shades. You may have your blinds made from any quality of material – PVC, wood, and even silk, our professional cleaners specialize in each type of material.

We have some really attractive packages which are just right for your budget and if you want we have contractors also who work on bonds thus ensuring you complete coverage in terms of cleaning and making your blinds shine like newly installed.

If you want we can also guide in doing it yourself. Blinds add to the beauty of the home, so ensuring their clean look ensures their long life span and also prevent any allergies from developing. So if you are looking for cleaning your blinds and coverings feel free to contact our service providers.