Windows Blinds

There are numerous kinds of blinds available for windows. We at Sammy Blinds & Shades provides services in all those types. Some of them are-

Faux Wood Blinds

Our faux wood blinds are high-quality PVC blinds which are highly durable and easy to clean. UV resistance and their economic cum inexpensive features make them the perfect choice for high humidity places.

Real Wood Blinds

For a classic and sophisticated look, you should opt for real wood blinds that have no match in the market. Our selection of real wood blinds is of high quality and if you want we can customize them too in elegant designs that provide a warm, classy, and sophisticated look to the house.

Aluminum Blinds

The most lightweight, and most inexpensive option in all styles of horizontal blinds in the market – our aluminum blinds are made for durability and style. Their quality of being resistant to moisture makes the best choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Vertical Blinds

Patio, doors, large windows, pitched windows, and all areas which are not suitable for horizontal blinds or roller blinds are suited for vertical blinds which provides a cool look to the area. The full control over the visibility and light makes them the top choice. We provide numerous colors in fabrics to chose from.

There are also other kinds of blinds which are available at Sammy Blinds & Shades and if you are looking for any special kind, feel free to contact us and our team of experts will be happy to know your ideas and provide you service.