Repair Services

We support our valued customers even after we have installed the blinds in your house. If there comes the need to repair the covering – we are at your doorstep at your call. Repairing is also a time and money-saving option rather than trying for new blinds.

When you will contact us regarding repairing our team we will first assess the condition of your blinds in your house and if there is a possibility to save your money by repairing then we would suggest you go for that.

Our repairing services include all aspects such as torn or damaged blind slates, broken mechanism, carriers, hangers, cords, ladders, chains, weights, clutches, roller drums, tilt levers, and more.

There is a team of professional repairmen who are ready at every minute to look out for your repairing needs. No matter how damaged your blinds or shades are, we can fix it no time. And also, our professional provide on-site repair services so that you get to see the results in front of your own eyes. We have a policy of no repair, no payment, and our services are affordable with expertise and great skill.

We also offer in-home blind repairs services, pick-up, and delivery services which also includes take-down and re-hanging and also drop-off store services. Chose as you like it and we will deliver it.

Feel free to contact our team which can guide you to repair and clean your blinds and shades yourself and if there is a need for professionals then we can also guide you at every step and kind of service which needs to be done according to the condition of blinds.