Blinds Accessories

Our team at Sammy Blinds & Shades always ensures satisfaction in terms of services. We provide the replacement of parts and accessories to make your life easier. Check out our huge range of accessories like roller blind mechanism, slat cutter, brackets, chains, child safety tools, blind cleaners, and more.

All these accessories allow you to do some normal fixings at home and save your valuable time and money. If you want and ask for it we will also provide you information on how to use these accessories and if needed then professional help can also be opted for.

Our range of safety accessories is very stylish and unique – clear safety cleat, child safety chains, and tools, hold down brackets and more are available at affordable prices which are very good in quality. If you are looking for any particular item and couldn’t find it then you can contact our team and we would be happy to provide you the service regarding that product.

Accessories allow you to fully experience the aesthetic feel of the house. Especially in the case of automatic and motorized systems, these accessories act as a great boon.