Look out for our huge range of shades that provide safety plus privacy and cool look to the house.

Our collection of roller shades is the perfect perfect covering for your windows giving you full control over your privacy and amount of light you want to allow to enter inside. They give your house a clean and polished look with premium style and especially if you want minimalistic space theme.

Sammy Blinds & Shades provides good quality blackout shades that fully block sun rays from entering the house and gives you advantages over room-darkening options. There are areas of the house which need complete light out like bedroom, home theatre, nursery, dark room (in case of photographers). Blackout shades use opaque material like PVC and mylar to line the fabrics which allow minimum light to enter. The only place where light can come across is the sides.

Zebra Shades are a type of roller shades that gives you full control over allowing the light quantity and privacy by making custom adjustments using a side chain.

There are numerous designs and customization available at Sammy Blinds & Shades which you can opt for. We provide the best quality side chain which is durable and lasts for years. You can also check out our list of added upgrades which allows you to maneuver the shades so that you can control the light quantity without altering the privacy control and at the same time you can increase privacy while allowing the light to fully enter the room.